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My corner in cyberspace

whoam I?

My name is Sukil Etxenike. I am from Navarre (Spain), and I study English Studies in the University of the Basque Country.

What do I do?

I might be considered tech-sabby or computer jeek, although I think the second definition is closer to reality. I sometimes enjoy programming small things in Python, although I consider myself a novice in that programming language. See my repos to see what I've done so far.

I also like translating. Currently, I am the Basque translator of TwBlue, an accessible Twitter client for Windows. I speak Basque, Spanish and English.

As I am blind, I also care about accessibility with screen readers. I've filed several issues and contributed some code in various places. I think my biggest contribution was An accessible version of the IPA chart in XHTML and CSS. The original was by Weston Ruter.


You can follow me on Twitter, although I tweet mostly in Spanish. I may create a blog in the near future in github, too.